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Dark web is the part of internet which is not indexed over the search engine we usually use we can only access it with Tor browser.

What is Dark Web, Surface Web and Deep Web.

Surface web is the part of internet which is indexed over our regular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

The websites we surf over our browser, the email we send , the chatting we do with our friends and family is all the part of the surface web, but that’s not all an recent study stated that the surface web is only the 7% of whole internet and shrinking day by day.

Deep Web is the part of internet which is not indexed by our search engines usually this kind of data is encrypted and generally uses username and password to access it, the data indexed in deep web consist of cloud databases, web forms, government and banking website databases, confidential data of various countries army etc.

The data stored in deep web usually consist of things which a normal user can only see if a person have proper authentication to view it.

Dark Web is the darkest side of internet which is referred to as a curse on internet as it is 90% of whole internet and is hidden from traditional search engines, we need to use Tor browser in order to access the dark side of the internet as it includes all the illegal activities such as selling of drugs, hiring a hacker, child pornography, hiring a murderer, selling of illegal weapons, extremism etc.

People usually think dark web as a part of deep web but its not they both have one thing in common that both of them doesn’t get indexed over search engines we generally use.

What Is Tor Browser.

Tor Browser is a web browser just like Firefox and chrome browser which anonymizes your identity while surfing on the internet, it may come in handy when you don’t want to show your identity to your ISP to keep a track of your activities over the internet usually people confuses it with a VPN but both have them are totally different from each other as both of them totally differ in terms of structure and purpose of usage.

The Tor Project was started by U.S Naval Research lab in 1995 in order to maintain privacy over the internet which can be used in order to send and receive data so that no one can track and audit the source and destination of the transmitted data.

Tor Browser user onion routing technique to hide the identity of a user, it’s just like an onion which has a layer over layer as such the traffic is routed over several layers of servers which is encrypted to hide the data being transmitted.

In Late 2002 Tor project was released under free and open source licence so that everyone can use it but it wasn’t that easy for non techy people to use it so the development of tor browser started in 2008 to make it more easy and accessible to all the internet users around the world.

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