Your smartphone is making it easier for tech giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook to spy on you.

How Amazon And Google Are Listening To Our Personal Conversations.

Amazon And Google have already been accused to listening to our personal conversations through their smart home products such as amazon alexa and google home, these products were used by users worldwide and always been a hot talk between tech enthusiast for security reasons as they are outfitted with always listening microphone, this microphone may continuously been listening to our personal conversations every second and may be sending the gathered data to their parent servers for analysis of the captured data to understand human behaviour on different aspects.

Where is our Data Stored ? Is It Being Shared With Third Party ?


Its too early to say that how when and where is our personal data being used although we have certain confirmation through google that personal data gathered from smart devices such as Google Home is not being shared with any third party services rather it is being used by Google itself to inform your interest for ad personalization.


In case of amazon it’s hard to predict what kind of data is being shared and stored as there’s not much clarity by the statements of amazon spokesperson about it. As amazon spokesperson stated that no audio recording are being shared to any third party only if a user opt for any third party services through amazon alexa only the related information will be shared to the the third part to further continue the process and the data shared doesn’t consist of any recorded data through amazon alexa.

How Is Our Data Captured

Their are various sources from which big tech giants capture our data according to a recent study the 80% of our data is being captured by our smartphone this includes our behaviour of searching things on internet using various services which include both services such as apps that comes pre installed in our smartphones like google assistant, siri, cortana, bixby etc as well as third party app we download from playstore and other websites.

Generally these apps and services take advantages of permissions that are given by user in order to install and run theses applications on smartphones.

Permissions may includes reading phone storage, phone contacts, current location, call logs, camera, microphone, reading sms etc.

How To Secure Our Data ?

In order to secure our data we must first need to be aware on how this data can be used to manipulate us in order to purchase the product or services we don’t need.

There are various methods by which we can secure our data and the first thing which comes to our mind is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which hides our IP Address so that whatever we surf on the internet is transferred through establishing an encrypted layer of tunneling protocol over an existing network to hide our personal information to increase privacy and security.

Is Using Tor Browser Helpful

Tor Browser is always a better option in order to maintain anonymity on the internet, so that no traces can be left behind although using a Tor Browser may be a little slower then surfing on an traditional browser such as google chrome or firefox.

What Is Tor Browser And Why It Is Used

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